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tulip opening

I noticed this tulip the other day. Like most flowers, as the petals begin to fall off at some point. In this case, with the sun shining through the remaining petals, the tulip opened up to reveal its “inside” and I’m not saying that this made it even more beautiful then when it had all its glorious petals in place, but wow, there’s an enticing beauty here all the same.

Doesn’t it draw you in even more deeply?

It certainly caused me to pause, take a photo, and wonder for a few moments about the incredible complexity and delicacy of the inside of a flower…..

Truly, a revelation.

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In “The Book of Tea” the present is described as “the moving infinite”. When I heard that phrase this morning an image appeared in my mind. It was an image of an “eye-beam”, like the beam of light from a lighthouse, but a symbolic beam running from my eye to the point of focus of my vision. This eye-beam was ranging over the surface the sea, skimming over the waves.

We often hear about “living in the present”, or “in the now”, but of course there is no such “thing” as the present. What I mean by that is there is no such object. The present isn’t a series of frames in a video or a movie running past us so fast it gives the appearance of movement. It isn’t made up of discrete fixed states. It flows. It contains the past from which it emerges and the future it becomes.

I often think of that when I take a photograph.

Look at these beautiful waves breaking on the sand in the photo above. It feels like capturing the present…..at least for a moment. But, of course, it doesn’t capture anything. When my finger presses on the shutter release button, I and my camera create something new. This image.

“Live in the present” is actually another way of say “live with awareness”.

What I really like to do is be aware of where I am casting my eye-beams, and asking myself, what am I going to create with what my vision reveals?

It’s this interplay of awareness and creation which allows me to share a moment with you.

Thank you for sharing your presents.

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weather phenomenon

Looking out of the back window of the car as I traveled to Edinburgh airport the other day I noticed a strange phenomenon in the clouds.

It looked almost like a tornado funnelling down to touch the earth. Or maybe it was just an area of heavy, pretty well circumscribed rain.

Whatever it was, I’d never seen anything exactly like it before.

We have two cerebral hemispheres, a left and a right. One of the things the right is really good for is looking out for what is new or different. It turns out that seeking novelty in this way is a great way to stimulate mindfulness and healthy, youthful brain.

It’s worthwhile keeping your eyes open for the unusual, the striking, the different. You’ll be surprised just how often you discover something…..

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