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apres le marche

This is a time of year when we think about our lives isn’t it? A time for doing some clearing up, getting things in order, making plans, decisions, resolutions and so on…..

I was passing through the main market square in Aix in the other day and suddenly I saw just how beautiful clearing up could be! Yeah, sure, you can look at a scene like this and see a horrendous pile of garbage…..but then, just pause, look again…..don’t you think this scene is incredibly appealing?

apres le marche

You can see where this is going, can’t you? 2010? A better year? A year where we tackle what needs tackled? Where we clear up what we don’t want cluttering our lives any more? Make good choices this year.

And, hey, even if you don’t do that…..at least I challenge you to see the beauty, the wonder, the “emerveillement” all around you, every, single, day.

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I do enjoy word play…..finding other meanings in phrases, or words which sound similar, for example. One thing I really notice about French is how they often love to find the words within words, breaking down a word into separate sounding parts and revealing a relevant meaning within. Here’s a simple example I spotted the other day


You get the idea? This one works because the French don’t pronounce “th” except as a “t”, so for them “therapy” is “terapy”. This is a key part of their word play which is based on what the words sound like.
This was a holistic massage office, by the way.

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So what are your hopes, wishes, goals for 2010?

Here’s a few suggested by a shop I passed in Aix en Provence……..

New Year's wishes?

Need a translation?







For 2010

…….how different would be your list?

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