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Here’s one of my favourite activities – finding wild orchids. They tend to be really small and not so easy to spot, then when you get down on the ground to see them up close, they’re consistently, amazingly, beautiful.

wild orchid

wild orchid

wild orchid

wild orchid

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Thich Nhat Hanh teaches a lovely meditation practice for children, and points out that many adults like it too.

He calls it “four pebble meditation” and here’s how to do it –

Collect four pebbles and keep them in small bag.

4 pebbles in pouch

Each pebble should remind you, in turn, of a flower, a mountain, still water and space.

Take the first pebble in your left hand and say “I see myself as a flower. I feel fresh.”

flower pebble

colorsplash rose

Repeat three times, then lay the pebble down.

Take the next pebble in your left hand and say “I see myself as a mountain. I feel solid”

mountain pebble

After the storm Ben Ledi

Repeat three times, then lay the pebble down.

Put this pebble aside, and take the next one in your left hand, saying “I see myself as still water. I reflect things as they truly are.”

still water pebble

loch and sky

Repeat three times, then lay the pebble down.

Put this pebble aside and take the last pebble. “I see myself as space. I feel free.”

space pebble

brightest moon

Repeat three times, then lay the pebble down.

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where the sky gods live

Who do you think might answer if you press the top button? (use google translate if you don’t speak French)

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As adults we tend to forget how good it was to just play.
Have a look at these orange balloons at play……they’ll remind you how good it is to play, and, especially, to play with someone else who you feel connected to!
(seriously, isn’t it easy to imagine that these two balloons are ALIVE?! Just watch they way they move)

(I made this little video in Cassis, Provence, then set it to a little of the soundtrack of Amelie)

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I listened to a Thich Nhat Hanh talk yesterday. He said, without impermanence there is no life. I hadn’t thought about that before. He said, without impermanence the seed will not become a flower.

Without impermanence we wouldn’t get to enjoy these beautiful blossoms every year.

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coloured rock

water colours

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Try this.

click on this photo and you’ll be taken to the original I uploaded onto Flickr. Click on it there and choose the “all sizes” option on the top left above the photo. Look at it in the biggest version available.


Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it as if there’s a whole universe in there? In that single flower? Look at the colours. Aren’t they astonishing?

I hope you enjoy this little tulip moment.

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