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the cloud face

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strange cloud

Look at this cloud! What do you think about that?

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A man

One and a half?

A whole man?

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september learning

I remember taking part in a small group once which opened with asking everyone to say which month was their favourite month, and why. One of my colleagues said September because that was the beginning of the Academic Year. I liked that response and I’ve always remembered it.
I have many criticisms of our educational system and institutions, and what I really believe is that everyone should learn all the time. I am insatiably curious which drives my constant desire to learn.
However, this time of year is the time when the universities and colleges publish their programmes for “adult” or “continuing” education classes, so I think it’s a great time to plan what you’d like to learn in the coming weeks.
My most recent experience was a course in artists photographic book self-publishing. If you’d like see what I produced have a look here.
What would YOU like to learn next?

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