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august travel

In my twelve monthly themes, August is the month of travel.
I thought of this theme because in France, this month is known for “le grand depart” – it’s the month everyone gets away. They leave home and go and spend some time somewhere else.
I think that’s a good activity for this month because if you go somewhere else, somewhere different from where you pass your everyday life, you’ll see new places, maybe eat different food, participate in different activities, meet new people.
This change gives you a natural and an easy opportunity to get a different perspective.
For many people, a week or two away “on holiday”, gives the opportunity to step aside from responsibilities, routines and burdens and to take a fresh view of things. Holidays are often the times to reflect on how life is going, and maybe even to decide to do some things differently.
Not everyone can manage to take a week or two away somewhere in August, but even if you can’t do that, why not take the opportunity this month to do a little traveling and change your perspectives?
You could take a day trip or two to somewhere you’ve never been before, or to somewhere you haven’t visited for many years. Maybe you could pass a weekend or two somewhere within traveling distance of home, stay over in a B&B, or take a tent!
Whatever works for you this month, try to travel a little distance (or a big one!), and do two things…..
Experience something new.
Reflect on your daily life, from this different perspective.

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je t'aime


Show your love

Don’t just say it. Show it.

And why not do it every day this month…..it is the month of love

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