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1st April, first day of the ferry across to Inchmahome Island on the Lake of Menteith…….


Lake of Menteith

And we saw lovely swans…..here’s one landing….

Swan landing

and here’s one skimming the surface of the lake…

Swan cruising

and here’s one taking off…

Swan take-off

Have you ever heard a swan landing or taking off?
What an amazing noise!
Have you ever just stood and watched them flying onto and off the surface of the water? You’ll be amazed they can actually do it. For birds which look so supremely elegant as the sail across water, their landings and take-offs are really something to behold. You wouldn’t predict it.

By the way, take a better look at that swan cruising over the surface of the lake. Click through if necessary to see the image in its large size and look at the sun shining through its further away wing, highlighting every single feather.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
You couldn’t make it up.

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